Seed Forum Singapore

About Seed Forum in Singapore

The 1st Seed Forum Singapore was organised in Suisshotel Merchant Court on the 26th of February 2009 presenting Norwegian companies to Singapore based investors. Following the great success of the 1st Seed Forum Singapore the 2nd Seed Forum was organised in the Pan Pacific Hotel on the 13th of August 2009. These 2 first Seed Forums in Singapore was organised in partnership with the Innovation Norway office in Singapore and according to grants from Innovation Norway. BANSEA (Business Angel Network South-East Asia) was an operational partner to both forums as well as SVCA (Singapore Venture Capital Association) was also an operational partner to the 2nd forum.

The Seed Forum process continued on the 10th of March 2011 at Suisshotel Merchant Court organised by EXPARA in cooperation with BANSEA and solely organised by EXPARA for the 2 Seed Forums spring 2012 and spring 2013. Seed Forum Singapore spring 2012 was organised in the accelerator PLUG-IN, and Marina Mandarin Hotel became the venue for Seed Forum Singapore from spring 2013. From autumn 2013 all forums in Singapore have been organised by the Seed Forum Singapore Foundation which was established on the 5th of June 2013 with Seed Forum International Foundation as the sole founder. The Marina Mandarin Hotel has been the venue for 5 Seed Forums in Singapore where Seed Forum Singapore spring 2016 was organised in the SCAPE Gallery at Orchard Road.

Evening receptions after Seed Forum Singapore has mainly been hosted in the Residence of the Ambassador of Norway to Singapore but also by Norske Veritas, at the Visual Arts Centre, at the IDA Labs and at the YEO Workshop. Several Seed Forums in Singapore has been opened by the Norwegian Ambassador or Deputy Ambassador.

The 1st Seed Forum Academy pitch training was organised in the PLUG-IN Accelerator on the 2nd of June 2012 and has been organised 4 times since then in PLUG-IN. Other venues for Seed Forum pitch trainings in Singapore has been the KLEA Learning Hub and BASH at Infokomm. The interest for Seed Forum pitch trainings has been fast increasing in Singapore, and Seed Forum Singapore has since the 3rd forum presented a combination of local companies and companies from overseas. Overseas companies has originated from Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Australia.

Many more partners have joined the Seed Forum concept and network in Singapore among others DNB Bank and The Norwegian Business Association in Singapore.

The Seed Forum concept in Singapore has evolved from a Norwegian process to a complete process for South-East Asia (SEA) with Singapore as the main start-up and venture hub in SEA.

Seed Forum managers in Singapore:

2009Claus Gaasvik (Innovation Norway)
2011 to spring 2013Cato Gullichsen (Expara)
Autumn 2013+Glaus Gaasvik (Seed Forum Singapore Foundation)

Board members Seed Forum Singapore Foundation:

Since 2013Steinar Hoel Korsmo, Chairman of the board
Since 2014Glaus Gaasvik, board member
Since 2017Effendi Baba, board member

Previous board member Seed Forum Singapore Foundation:

2013 – 2014Cato Gullichsen
2013 – 2017William Klippgen

Venues for Seed Forum Singapore:

  • Suisshoel Merchant Court
  • Pan Pacific Hotel
  • PLUG-IN main conference hall
  • Marina Mandarin Hotel
  • Scape Gallery

Venues for Seed Forum pitch trainings in Singapore:

  • KLEA Learning hub
  • BASH at Infokomm